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Google Ranking Factors

There are apparently 200 key ranking factors according to Backlinko who provide succinct details for each one.

Google it appears is focused on quality rather than quantity which in many respects is contrary to its own business model. That said, an objective viewpoint is that Google are dictating what is best for consumers, filtering freedom of choice which in many respects with regard to spams and scams is a good thing.

Helping Google to understand your web presence is summarised by the following bullet points:

  • Create a useful, information-rich site, and write pages that clearly and accurately describe your content.
  • Think about the words users would type to find your pages, and make sure that your site actually includes those words within it.
  • Ensure that your site loads well with well thought provoking branding.

Dezign Today pride ourselves in delivering not only what the customer wants as frankly nobody else knows better their business operations than ‘the people on the ground’ doing it, so to speak but we also provide a comprehensive assessment of how our products and services align with your business to enhance your online instance and make recommendations for improvement, if needed.

We are working on a number of large projects at the moment however, we intend to build up the number of articles on this site in the near future to help our readers sift through the barrage of online ‘spam’ to make informed decisions affecting your online presence.

To be frank, the internet while a great place for information is also a large playground for ‘hustlers’ enticing people into offers that are grossly overstated. To put it bluntly, products and services that are sub-standard to say the least needless to say that there are numerous ‘scams’ running online that ‘prey’ on the unsuspecting.

A good starting point for our assessment of your business online is SEO or Search Engine Optimisation features which is key to increase your search visibility online. This would apply to whatever search engine is being used. 

Google while not the only option, is very popular extending with Gmail which allows Users to easily set up a free email account.

With a Gmail account Users have either free access for personal use or a paid option business account which opens up a myriad of applications used frequently by millions everyday, for example the applications or Apps in short such as Google Docs.

Moreover a Gmail account can be applied to your own domain through SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) assignment via settings from your host email account servers.

Other leading browsers or search engines include Microsoft Edge and Firefox both of which offer free email accounts.

The Google algorithm defined as ‘a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer’ and search bots ensure that your rankings improve with fundamentally good design features for your websites.

Good design and where possible original content that is not bloated with too many images or videos are essential for the search bots to list your business and improve search rank in a very competitive environment.

Another important factor is search ability that is to say, not only the loading speed of a website but site navigation techniques applied which is associated with internal links such as the Menu options used or page links included in page content.

What affects loading speeds are poor design features and or poor content navigation and as a consequence poor content delivery. If you intend to reach out to a larger audience you should have your site optimised and delivered over a solid CDN or content delivery network.

For our valued customers we highly recommend the hosting services at WPX Hosting with CDN applied to each plan offered. Reputed to be the fastest WordPress optimised hosting provider in the World the support is absolutely first class.


  • WPX averages around 30 seconds support response time on Live Chat by Support Agents who can handle most issues themselves (independently verified by Live Chat Inc here: https://quality.livechatinc.com/4691811) – nobody in the hosting industry is getting near that and that’s 24/7/365 from anywhere in the world, not just during US ‘business hours’
  • WPX offers free unlimited site migration from any host to WPX, usually completed within 24 hours
  • WPX never overloads servers with hosting accounts, unlike so-called ‘cheap’ hosting which crumbles under any traffic load. WPX owns its own high-spec hardware, highly customized for performance and it’s why WPX normally is at the top of the table in comparisons.   
  • WPX has built its own FREE custom CDN (Content Delivery Network) with 25 end points around the world for consistent, worldwide loading speed (including images!), hence their ability to outperform most hosts in independent comparison testing, no other host has done that yet
  • WPX does NOT charge for malware removal from their customers’ websites whereas many hosts expect their customers to spend hundreds of dollars on malware services like Sucuri (in most cases, the malware has already been removed without the WPX customer even being aware of an infection)
  • WPX was the first to integrate unlimited free SSL certificates from the Google co-sponsored initiative at https://letsencrypt.org/
  • WPX has a committed mission going back years to funding welfare projects for homeless and shelter dogs (cats sometimes too) and in 2019, we established our own non-profit foundation to accelerate and expand that work: https://everydogmatters.eu/. The work of Every Dog Matters is fully funded by WPX and the foundation’s team works out of WPX HQ.

At Dezign Today we believe that an over emphasis on website aesthetics, to many images, videos as examples is detrimental to Google ranking processes of a website on a shared hosting scheme unless fully optimised.

Another scenario are instances where the content may be difficult to read because of sizing, especially with failing eyesight not to mention first impressions which is somewhat unfortunate if the content is actually very good.

Shared Hosting Pitfalls

The nemesis of shared hosting environments are that while they do provide a reduction in hosting costs and fees paid by Users this must be measured against slow site loading speeds. Especially during peak traffic flow periods.

Shared hosting environments are common yet the load in such an environment can actually slow down your site and lower your Google ranking and page position in searches.

We provide a Cloud Hosting service with virtual servers and superfast speeds. Included in our Level Two package below. This allows for up to five websites.


If however your Brand is unique when search traffic users key in that brand name or domain. It is likely that your rank is very high in the search result which highlights the effectiveness of marketing and branding or awareness with correct email setup or optimised Social Media accounts.


  • Good website design and SEO structure
  • Good support services
  • Branding and Marketing

Google Ranking Factors Table – From Dezign Today

Google Rank FactorDescriptionOur Ranking
BacklinksLinks from website authoritiesone
Topical AuthorityBacklinks from strong authoritytwo
FreshnessGoogle likes News and fresh contentthree
Content depthGoogle likes content, the more the betterfour
Page speed Good design features but not excessivefive
HTTPS A secure connection – more relevant to certain sitessix
Mobile optimizedA website that is mobile friendly boosts rank seven
User friendlyWebsite design features that are tweaked for easy useeight
Search intentGoogle tries to serve up the precise query made – brandingnine
Content accuracyPrecise SEO or search engine optimization tweaks for accuracyten

With Dezign Today you have the opportunity to improve your search engine rankings dramatically with all of these factors built into our core products and services.

If you want to optimise your online instance Dezign Today provide the right skills using the latest technology and software to fine tune your online business presence balanced with effective marketing instances dramatically.

For instance is your email system effective in responding to customers or engaging with them in a non-evasive sense.

Importantly, has your business actually claimed your business that may appear in Google online listings.

Facebook re-targeting provides you with a Facebook presence that re-targets visitors to your site and can boost engagement and spending with you dramatically. 

You will be shocked at how many businesses have not or are unaware of unclaimed online Google listings and the opportunities of re-targeting visitors to your site with a Facebook Pixel.

Definition of Facebook Pixel

The Facebook pixel is code that you place on your website. It collects data that helps you track conversions from Facebook ads, optimise ads, build targeted audiences for future ads, and re-market to people who have already taken some kind of action on your website.

It works by placing and triggering cookies to track users as they interact with your website


To ensure and engage with customers you need these core services we provide:

  • Effective email
  • Facebook Pixel integration 

Is your site loading well and is your site mobile optimised. With exponential growth of online buying from mobile users it is imperative that your site is optimised for mobile or that you have mobile apps.

What we do for you is summarised with the following:

Our Core Services Level One

  1. We ensure that you are listed with Google online business and other prominent search engines online.
  2. We assess your site for any prominent factors affecting loading speeds and rankings.
  3. If you are not online we provide a best price guarantee to provide you with a modern website design that is mobile optimised.
  4. What you need balanced with what you want. If you are struggling with a FREE website option with services such as WIX you need to be mindful of the limited functionality that these instances provide.
  5. We ensure that your marketing is supported by an effective email system and your contact details are always current.
  6. We provide you with an effective Facebook Pixel presence. 
  7. You get a written appraisal from us combined with a quote.

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